Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”

Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) wrote Brave New World in 1932.  Below is a Powerpoint with some historical context for this dystopian novel.

dystopia: usually set in the future, a dystopian society will often (but not necessarily) appear “perfect” at first. Movies like Terminator or Mad Max feature a dystopian hellscape (not so good even at first glance), whereas movies such as Equilibrium, Aeon Flux, Matrix (the ‘fake’ future), or Minority Report appear to be utopias at first glance.  The Hunger Games books and movies would also be dystopic societies.

utopia: Utopia” is a Greek word coined by Sir Thomas More in 1516. It literally means “no place”, as well as “good place”.  In his book of the same name, he described a perfect society.  Utopian novels or short stories were used for social criticism (same as dystopian stories). The term has also been used to describe actual places that people feel are ideal. 

Early 1900 Timeline

Chapters 1-3 Questions

The two greatest obscenities in the society of Brave New World are birth and mother. Why?


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