Recognizing Bias – The Aggressive Egg

David Freedman -“The Aggressive Egg” Questions

1. Account for Freedman’s title. How does he expect his reader to read that title? Does reading the essay change your sense of the title’s meaning?

2. Explain the strategy behind Freedman’s lengthy account of Emily Martin’s background.

3. Find two examples of an appeal to authority. Demonstrate how Freedman handles this strategy and what it adds to the success of his essay.

4. Choose the three facts you found most striking in the essay and suggest what they add to it.

5. Choose two examples of humour in the essay. What do these examples add?

6. Isolate the central claim of the essay and three or more examples of grounds presented to support that claim.

7. What does the essay add to your understanding of the presence of gender bias in our society.

8. How might the gender bias in the presentation of the fertilization process affect something like abortion legislation. Consider the different forms that legislation takes in your response.


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