Examples of Poetic Devices in “I Have a Dream”

Today we discussed the following examples of allusions, metaphors, similes, symbols, and repetition

“5 score”, “Emancipation Proclamation” “100 years later”

‘flames….injustice’ ‘manacles…segregation” “chains of discrimination”

‘Exile in his own land’ Gradualism

“a promisory note” “a bad cheque” ” insufficient funds” Bankcrupt “bank of justice”

“Autumn of freedom and equality” “Whirlwinds of revolt”

“Palace of justice” “justice rolls down like water”, “righteousness like a mighty stream”

”an ocean of material prosperity”

“now is the time”

“thirst for freedom” “drink from the cup of bitterness”

“go back”

“quicksand of racial injustice in the solid rock of brotherhood”

“I have a dream” “we hold these truths self-evident” “all men created equal”
“mountain of despair; stone of hope”
“let freedom ring”

“lonely island of poverty”

“discord of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood”

“cannot be satisfied”

“crooked line straight”

“go back”


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