Essay Analysis Results

What makes it a 6?

Draws upon a number of factors:
maturity of style
depth of discussion—
effectiveness of argument
use of literary and/or rhetorical devices
sophistication of wit
quality of imagination—–
effective writing style-
sophisticated use of language–

Period 1:

 Paper 1

Why not a 2? Why not a 6?
– there were errors but not frequent -not very powerful
-built on good points – only uses personal experience
– expresses writers purpose -not much maturity in writing
– non- distracting structure -grammatical errors

  Paper 2:

strong structure non enough info
stays on topics lacks clarity of expression
well organized ideas are the same and repetitive

 Paper 3:

no spelling or grammatical errors short sentences- lack of sophistication
stuck to thesis written in a conversational tone

 Period 3:

 Essay 1

Why not a 2 Why not a 6?
good personal touch few literary and rhetorical devices
ideas developed little imagery
errors there but not distraction some distracting errors
some depth lacks variety and depth
strong conclusion boring
logistical approach repetitive
  low level vocab

 Essay 2

Why not a 2 Why not a 6?
philosophy clear sloppy spelling
not too sloppy non creative thesis
some structure repetitive words
  too specific of audience

Essay 3

Why not a 2 Why not a 6?
clear idea physical structure
legible repetitive
had structure unnecessary quoting
complete ideas low maturity of language



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