1984 Questions – Part 1


Answer these questions in point form.

 Language/Logic, Setting:

  1. What does the opening sentence suggest about the book?

Irony, Language/Logic, Character:

  1. The name “Winston” means “from a friendly country.” “Smith” is a common last name. From these names, can you suggest a possible irony?
  2. Also, consider the association of Winston Smith with Winston Churchill. What similarities do you see between the two?
  3. What else do we know about Winston concerning his age, abilities, and occupation?

Irony/Paradox, Language/Logic:

  1. What are the Party mottos? What is unusual about them?

Language/Logic, Theme:

  1. What is Newspeak?
  2. What is its purpose? (A look at the Appendix might be helpful here.)
  3. Why is it essential for the Party to rid the language of synonyms and antonyms?


  1. Who is Big Brother and what is the significance of his name?
  2. What is facecrime? Why is it so easy to commit?

Theme, Irony/Paradox:

  1. How does the Party control history? Why?

Plot, Theme:

  1. Who is Emmanuel Goldstein and how is he presented to the people of Oceania?
  2. What is the probable significance of using the obviously Jewish name?

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